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Happy New Year!

Wow it's been a while! Happy New Year everyone! We hope you're enjoying the start of 2021. Where has the time gone though! We had planned to publish a Christmas blog to share all our upcoming new products with you but as it normally is with most people in the holiday season, we ended up being rather busy! Instead we'll just have to give you a little summary of our Welsh Cake Hut Christmas!

This year we launched a variety of new products, including the very popular Kilner Jar, Christmas Huts, Rustic Xmas Treat Bags and our miniatures/mug gift set. We were absolutely overwhelmed with the response, sending out over 20 postal orders and around 40 deliveries in Monmouth, Torfaen and Newport. We couldn't have done it without the help of our little group of family elves who chipped in to deliver to all the locations - so thank you! After the mad rush of packaging up on the 22nd and deliveries on the 23rd, we could finally relax!

Over Christmas our house is normally full of family and friends, lots of food and a good party! However, this year it was slightly different due to Covid, with only Jeff's brother's family making the trip from Cardiff for the day. Nevertheless we made the most of being with each other and had the most amazing Christmas lunch! Then we somehow ended up starting a Harry Potter Marathon, which everyone loved, especially when the cheese board came out.

New Year normally occurs in a similar fashion, with a big party and far too many drinks, but it was nice to have just our family this year, celebrating with a three-course meal and some cocktail making. Watching the London fireworks on tv made us all reflect on the year and how tough it's been for everyone. Because of this, we made a resolution as a business to do even bigger and better things this coming year to show our appreciation for our amazing customers. We're hoping to extend our merchandise collection to include some amazing quality branded t-shirts, limited edition Valentine's Day products and another social media competition, with the chance to win lots of exclusive prizes! Stay tuned on our social channels - you won't want to miss it!

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