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Autumn is here!

I'm not sure about you but I'm really beginning to notice that Autumn/Winter feeling in the air. The crunchy bed of leaves on the ground wherever you walk, warm jumpers making an appearance out of the closet and the cold but refreshing feeling of 7 degree weather brushing against your skin. It's definitely our favourite time of year, especially because of the amazing seasonal specials we've got planned.

In just 10 days Halloween will be upon us again, and although it may not be quite the same as previous years, we're determined to make it just as fun. So, this season we've introduced our 15-pack rectangular Treat Boxes, filled with any of our 8 flavours. A limited number of these boxes were ordered in so make sure you don't miss out! We've also brought back the Halloween themed ribbon, which can be added to any of our original products for a small additional price. Pre-order is available now for shipping a few days before Halloween, or delivery in the South-East Wales area on the 30th. Who needs candy when you've got welsh cakes?!

Our second focus of the week has been on something extra special, which hasn't even been announced to our social media channels yet... Get ready for some really EXCLUSIVE NEWS! So, one of our new ventures within the business which we've always wanted to make a reality has been the production of our own branded candles! Smelling just like a welsh cake, these candles are starting off as a tester to see if people like the idea, then if so we'll look to make them a permanent addition to our product list. The sizes available currently are 100ml mini Kilner-style jars and slightly bigger 180ml metal lid jars (pictured below). We haven't firmed prices yet but would imagine they'll be around the £3.50 and £5.50 mark. We're so excited to unmask them on our socials, for pre-order starting in the first week of December - make sure you keep an eye out!

Our Christmas-themed boxes with festive ribbon went down a treat last year, so expect similar surprises for 2020. We're also in the process of brainstorming a brand new competition, seeing as our September giveaway went down so well. We've got some ideas but would love as many as possible, so get commenting!

That's all from us, we'll be back next Sunday for more news and updates. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week!

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